Water technology

The Dutch are globally well known to be leading in all kinds of water technologies, such as but not limited to desalination, drinking water, municipal and industrial waste water treatment, water re-use, irrigation, dredging, master planning, pipe inspection, repair & replacement, rehabilitation of existing water treatment plants, etc Triple H employs the leading specialists and has partnerships with the top Universities, knowledge institutes and private companies, but can also offer EPC-F through its strong Chinese partners.

TRIPLE H WATER is the designated partner forfast-track Business Development, Lean Innovation Management and Technological Solutions in the water industry.

TRIPLE H Water, a subsidiary company of TRIPLE H,which supports Dutch High-Tech (Waste) Water Treatment and related technology companies with the realization of solid business opportunities in The Middle-East with and for relevant customers and end-users. Whether you need support in accelerating your existing cooperations or whetheryou wish to penetrate the domesticmarket, TRIPLE H Water is your designated partner for developing successful business-projects in a country in a high need of a clean and reliable water-supply.


The experts at TRIPLE H Water are deeply embedded in the Dutch Water Technology sector. A sector renowned for its innovation and technology advances. The people behind Triple H bring together a network of innovators, academics, governmental officials and corporations.

By combining understanding, experience and vision TRIPLE H Water can both achieve and provide a steep shared value creation strategy. Because of this approach, we can introduce very short and fast cycles of business development and technology implementation for your market.

Technology Transfer

By applying the proven technology with extensive track-records, we can help to deliver state of the art solutions on a wide variety of scale and scope. Having worked with and on these technologies for many years we can provide you with customized strategies.

Identifying, selecting and managing the appropriate proposition, customers, locations and projects will make your tailored solution extra valuable. All of this while operating at a high speed, reducing the costs involved, at a lower technological risk.

Why TRIPLE H Water?

At TRIPLE H Water it is not just about providing technology, it’s about providing the right projects and partnerships to achieve the required application. Our company is about fast and reliable business in the short term.

We can provide you with the knowledge and resources required to handle your projects. Not just a sales-pitch and introductions but a committed partner who supports you from mapping the market all the way until implementation and financing. With a wide range of partners Triple H and their partners can provide you with the complete design and construction of water treatment.

Design of Perfector-R plant with a capacity of 20.000m3/day

Design of Perfector-R plant with a capacity of 20.000m3/day Ho Chi Minh

TRIPLE H Water has developed proprietary break through techologies and products for water treatment

Perfector R
Robust potable water production from surface water for 50.000-250.000 people. The PerfectorR requiresvery low investment and operational costs
SUF Municipal
Smart ultra-filtration technology to purify piped water to potable water for small communities.
SUF Household
Household systems to purify water in households for potable water use.
Semi Dead-End Reverse Osmosis for brackish water with much lower energy and chemical use.
OrangeBoat EMEA
Service company to improve operations of membranesystems

What TRIPLE H Water can offer

TRIPLE H Water can support you in your Technology and Management requirements for diverse markets and applications in the treatment, supply and re-use of:

  • Drinking Water
  • (RO)-Desalination
  • Municipal water
  • Household water
  • Industrial water
  • Waste Water
  • Surface Water
  • Agricultural Water