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WTE tech



WTE-Tech BV is a company focused on development of new proprietary technology for waste gas utilization and energy efficiency in the process industry. The technology results into significant CO2 emission reduction and emission reductions of a.o. SOx and NOx below regulatory boundaries and transforms waste gas into electricity or steam without additional gas sourcing for flaring. Activities include technology licensing, new development, engineering and design, implementation, project and asset management, and support in investment and finance.

The WTE-Tech solution is focussed on clean and effective waste gas conversion at low heating value content, maximum energy recovery, zero pollution, minimum integrated CO2 emissions.

Through Flameless Combustion: a technology based on full hydrocarbon combustion under auto-oxidation conditions. This technology is robust and effective at very Low Heating Values (LHV) of the off-gas and shows robust operation at stable temperatures ensuring full hydrocarbon combustion, full oxidation of pollutant components (S, N and other) and with zero NOx formation.

WTE-Tech BV is targeting applications of Flameless Combustion on waste gas or fuel gas utilization in the process industry, thus covering emission and energy efficiency issues in industry segments like a.o. coal gasification, carbon black industry, power generation, steel industry, (petro) chemical industry, refining, oil and gas production upstream.