VanDrie Group: Controlled Quality Veal

VanDrie Group: Controlled Quality Veal

The companies and the chain
All the companies operating as part of the VanDrie Group know they carry 100% responsibility for the optimum quality of the product to be supplied. This concerns the cattle husbandry, the calf milk- and the meat producers.

Working together to offer that guarantee to the consumer is then a logical step. That is how the VanDrie Group arrived at an integrated approach, backed up by the most advanced control systems.

Furthermore, integration provides the perfect response to the constantly changing consumer demands and market developments. And that is the philosophy behind the VanDrie Group: an integrated production chain, unique in the world.

The companies that are active within the VanDrie Group chain can be categorised as:

Calf husbandry, Calf milk production and Dairy products

The VanDrie Group’s production is made to measure. This begins at the farm, where calves are housed according to breed and origin. All veal products are delivered according to customer specifications. These may refer to the shape, weight and colour of the meat. Any desired cut can be produced during the processing of the meat. Products are packaged as requested by the customer: boxes, foil and product information stickers are produced according to agreed specifications.

The VanDrie Group therefore delivers a tailor made concept, at any time of day, around the world. The VanDrie Group’s slaughterhouses in the Netherlands, T. Boer & zn in Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel and Ekro & ESA in Apeldoorn, are the largest veal slaughterhouses in the world. A unique feature of the VanDrie Group’s slaughterhouses is that each cut is labelled with the identification number of the individual animal, so that all information can be traced at any time.