Logisticon: Water treatment

Logisticon: Water treatment

Logisticon: Water treatment

Logisticon Water Treatment designs and constructs complete water treatment installations for the preparation of drinking and process water, and for the treatment of communal and industrial waste water. We have our own factory for this purpose. We also carry out activities in the field of environmental technology, such as groundwater treatment and remediation. Well-known technologies used by Logisticon include sand and activated carbon filtration, Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), lamella separators, Membrane Bioreactors (MBR), Ultra filtration (UF), Nanofiltration (NF) and, of course, Reverse Osmosis (RO).
Logisticon Water Treatment also has the expertise and experience in Design, Build, Finance and Operation DB(F)O of small, medium and large scale water treatment facilities.

Drinking water
Our drinking water: safe and sure delivery.
Drinking water is a basic human need and should be guaranteed to be safe. Water companies are able to offer high quality water thanks to extensive research and the commitment of many plants to purify groundwater, surface water, and more frequently brackish water into safe drinking water. This is done with traditional techniques, but also increasingly with new techniques. Logisticon has been building all kinds of drinking water installations and supplies research and pilot plants as well for many years.

Construction or renovation.
Together in consultation with you and your demands for a new construction or renovation job, we will work out a suitable design. With the help of a 3D design view, you will get a detailed overview of the future production plant. You can be sure that we use only the best possible technology at the lowest possible cost. In addition factors such as safety and continuance of the supply of drinking water are naturally given great consideration.

Durable and robust.
Our facilities meet all regulatory standards. Obviously, we use sustainable materials with the required water licenses (KIWA / WRAS / DVGW, etc.) and we supply BRL K-903 certified storage and dosing of chemicals. Logisticon always selects sustainable materials for all its installations: safe to use, robust and maintenance friendly.

Clean and reliable.
Logisticon knows better than anyone how important working in a clean environment is. In each step of our work process, we pay attention to hygiene, the choice of products, delivery of materials, construction in our factory through to installation on site. Moreover, we ensure that safe drinking water production will be uninterrupted during our installation work process. We pay particular attention to “clean work” during operation. In addition, we always try to minimize the use of chemicals and energy.

A variety of techniques.
Logisticon offers a broad range of purification technology. Conventional techniques such as pellet reactors for softening or sand filters for the removal of iron, manganese and ammonium. Membrane technology is also used in order to purify brackish groundwater, wherein reverse osmosis or Nano filtration technology is applied. If you intend to use innovative techniques then Logisticon is your ideal, creative partner. Whether it be ultrafiltration, Nano filtration, diafiltration or anaerobic reverse osmosis, whichever technology you choose, in all cases you can count on us for reliability as well as a safe and secure drinking water supply.

Across the border.
In addition to many satisfied clients within the Dutch water sector, Logisticon is increasingly engaged with foreign clients. Our experts can design an appropriate system for each site, building and installation, taking into account the local environment. Whatever challenge you bring us, Logisticon is a supportive solution partner, who will ensure delivery of clean drinking water in every situation.