Green Tech

Green Tech

Greentech: Membrane System Solutions For Water Treatment.

At GreenTech we are dedicated to contribute our professional know-how and resources to purify polluted water to any required standard.
We are focused on Membrane System Solutions for (waste) water treatment, water reuse, water recycling and desalination.
We provide solutions covering the full life cycle of water treatment projects.
We are committed to continuously improve our solutions, products and services through R&D and innovation.

To be a leading company providing Membrane System Solutions for solving water scarcity and water pollution problems.

To provide high quality, high performance and cost effective Membrane System Solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

• Focus on membrane system innovation
• Outstanding in hydraulic research and modelling
• Dedicated R&D team and special facility
• Patents and proprietary know-how are the backbone of our growth
and success
• Cooperation with Tsinghua University and National Research
• 7% of NOPAT for R&D
• MF/UF membrane system recognized by Beijing government as
“Innovation Product”
• Full scale research pilot plants

PIPP™ (Public-Industry-Private-Partnership)

– Combination of wastewater treatment and reuse water supply
– Provide stable, economically priced, high-quality product water for
Industry End-user
– Operation cost exemption for city wastewater treatment
– Saving fresh water resource
– Including financing of required investment

PSP™ (Performance Security Program)

– Financial facility for upgrading of drinking water plants
– Partial financing against 5-year O&M contract
– Secured system process performance and product water quality
– Training of client personnel

• National Grade A Operation and Management License
• Long term and short term O&M contracts

• Specialized O&M team
– On-site & online maintenance support
– On-site & online technical support
– On-site & online client training

GreenTech has in-house experienced technical staff and engineering professionals. With over 10 years’ experience in operation and management, a formal and effective O&M system has been set up. GreenTech provides its customers with professional O&M services that improve plant operation, improve effluent quality and reduce operation cost. Subsequently, the plant is operated under optimal technical and economical conditions.

With its Grade A O&M license (Environmental Pollution Treatment Facilities Operation Qualification, certified by Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China), GreenTech provides high quality O&M services for water & wastewater treatment. Presently, GreenTech provides O&M services for water & wastewater treatment. Presently, GreenTech provides O&M services for water treatment and water reuse plants in the city of Yuanping, Yangquan, Cidong, etc.